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Traceability is a worldwide trend in food trade with the consumer demand for an identified, safe and quality product.

Attentive to this behavior we offer products traced from the production to the final consumer.


The traceability process begins in the field with the registration of the name of the agricultural area, identification of the field and quantity of boxes collected.


Arriving at Packing House, the fruit batch origin information is stored in our system and which numeric code is generated to identify each batch.


Batches are stored and processed separately to avoid mixing.


In the packaging step labels with the traceability data are issued and fixed in the export boxes.


Through the traceability label, it is possible to identify the origin of the product, information about the planting practices, internal processes in Packing House and transport, thus, to identify and correct any problems quickly.

full product Traceability

from the production to the final consumer